Job Seekers with Autism

Our Employment Tool Kit was designed to help you research, find and keep employment in the competitive labor market. Stories, tips and resources were developed from a collaboration of people, including adults with autism, dedicated to increasing the employment participation of adults on the spectrum.

Topics include:

Cover of the Autism Employment Tool Kit
  • Self-advocacy
  • Benefits and funding
  • Different employment models
  • Resumes, cover letters and applications
  • The job interview
  • Accommodations and disclosure
  • Soft skills
  • My employment rights

Download the kit and begin your job search!

TheSpectrumCareers logo small: a tool for job seekers with autism and the business community!

Autism, in collaboration with Rangam Consultants Inc., launched this jobs portal to promote inclusive employment of people with autism. This free tool helps to match job seekers on the spectrum with businesses, as well as with local employment service providers (i.e. supported employment agencies and job coaches).

Read more about the web tool here, and then sign up today!

Which businesses are hiring?

It can be hard to find out which companies are taking steps to hire and support people with autism. Autism is in contact with the employers who are leading the “Autism at Work” and broader neurodiversity movements, as they create proactive hiring initiatives. Check out the list below of companies that are public about their efforts to hire people with autism!

  • ADVICE (an initiative founded by Autism and NEXT for Autism)
    • Cintas
    • Staples
    • Quest Diagnostics
    • Amazon
  • Autism @ Work Employer Roundtable, convened by Disability:IN
    Check out their Job Marketplace

    • Microsoft
    • SAP
    • DXC Technology
    • JPMorgan Chase
    • EY
    • Ford
    • Freddie Mac
    • Travelers Insurance
    • Rising Tide Car Wash
    • Spectrum Designs
  • Walgreens
  • Willis Towers Watson
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Google
  • Dell EMC
  • Computer Aid Inc. (CAI)
  • AMC Theatres
  • Hart Schaffner Marx
  • Kinaxis
  • The Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • SAS
  • More every year!

New Resource: Understanding Social Security Benefits and Employment

For people with autism, a common concern when considering work is the possibility of losing one’s benefits. Autism developed the video below and frequently asked questions to ease your concerns and help you on your search for a job that is right for you.

What is a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agency, and how can it help me?

Each state has a Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc Rehab or VR) agency that provides employment service supports to people with disabilities (including autism). VR is paid for by the federal and state government, and you might be eligible if you apply. It is available in every state to help people with disabilities prepare for and obtain jobs. In big cities there may be several VR offices, whereas in rural areas there may only be one office that serves many counties.

What kind of services can I get from VR?

  • Career exploration experiences
  • Education and training to include help in building a plan to pay for tuition, books, and fees to reach your career goal
  • Assistive technology software or PDAs, or other assistive devices (if needed)
  • Tools, equipment, and uniforms for participation in training or on a job
  • Transportation to get to work
  • Exploring an option for starting a small business.

Find your state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agency here.

Always focus on your strengths and what you like to do

A list of common strengths of employees with autism



Autism Employment Think Tank

The Autism Employment Think Tank was an intensive two-day meeting of people with autism, service providers, and businesses. The discussion focused on the role of adults with ASD in the workforce and on the needs of the current labor market. Key conclusions include insights from business leaders about the effectiveness of employees with autism and recommendations that include changes to the traditional job interview.

Helpful resources for job seekers with autism: