Traveling with Autism

Traveling can be challenging for children and adults with autism. The changes in routine, unpredictability, crowds, new noises and sights can all make the experience difficult for people on the spectrum and their families.

We hope that with a little planning and information using the resources below, the doors will open to new travel opportunities for you and your family.

Air Travel with Autism: A Guide to the Airport  Experience
This teaching story from Autism can help prepare you for the airport and flying experience.

Travel and Autism: Five Tips for Success on the Road
Advice from psychologist and behavior analyst Daniel W. Mruzek, of the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! with these 10 Travel Tips
Advice from our Autism Response Team

Tips for Holiday Travel!
A little planning goes a long way. More resources and information from Autism.

TSA Cares
The Transportation Security Administration has a help line, TSA Cares, to assist travelers with disabilities and medical conditions during the security process. TSA recommends that passengers call 72 hours ahead of travel for information about what to expect during screening.

Six Tips for Traveling with Autistic Children

Professional Trainings
The Autism Community Outreach team offers training for airline and airport personnel around the country. For more information, email outreach@